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The Marriage Guide Series

Thought provoking!!!

I suggest that you follow the author’s advice and read this book straight through and then go back & re-read the chapters that are you feel are most appropriate for your situation. Very thought provoking. Especially helpful if you can remember that what you and your spouse “value” is not always the same thing, but that you both have the right to your own values in life. This book may even change your life.

Bens Grandmom

A Real Eye and Mind Opener of why we Sabbotage our Happiness In Relationship!

At times we get lost in our daily chores and past times, thus forgetting the person who is close to you helping in many ways to keep you aloft. Marriage takes work on both sides. It is not impossible as you worked much harder to make marriage happens. So why not keep up the Maintenance Of Happiness. Take a look at our Attitudes and Expectations of Our Partner and ask Why am I Sabbotaging my Life’s Happiness? This book is an eye opener and self rediscovery of getting your happiness back if you really want to.

C Nute

The Help I Needed

I bought this book because after 27 years of marriage I know we could use a tune up! The irony is that my husband is actually a marriage and family therapist, so approaching him about some of these topics seems a bit daunting. But thanks to this book and the gentle yet powerful exercises in it I think I now have the tools to pave the way. Thank you!

Carrie Sharpshair

The Meditation for Life Series

Everything you need to know to try meditation

Everybody’s talking about meditation these days, but for most of us it still seems a mysterious practice beyond our abilities of concentration and discipline. No more! Beth Banning’s clear explanation and step-by-step coaching offers the simplicity and power of meditation to anyone curious about sampling its benefits. Highly recommended!

Terra Novan

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat introduction to starting a Kundalini Meditation practice

What a nice introduction to Kundalini Meditation. I especially enjoyed reading about the history of kundalini and the description of the process of clearing the Chakras. While many meditate for years before achieving a Kundalini awakening, this book lays out clear definitive steps to meditation and answering general questions about this esoteric practice.

Sandy Levin

Practical Advice

This book is easy to read and is great for anyone who is looking to reduce stress and feel better during the day.

What I appreciate most about this book is that it has a lot of very down to earth and easy to use exercises for specific areas of your life like relationships, money, and moodiness. This is a great book and very helpful. Thanks!

Adele Michal

Other Books by Beth and Neill

The Mysterious Made Magically Practical

I loved the sweet simplicity and insights of this book. I’m always looking for books that make the “woo-woo” world feel as accessible and practical as what we’re so accustomed to thinking of as “real life.” This book does that. the author writes in a direct, conversational, vulnerable way that was highly engaging. I’ve got so many images from this book that have stuck with me. I highly recommend it!


Five Stars

I think this works very well with Nonviolent Communication.

Honey of Honey's Life

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