eMail Series

We’ve created eMail e-Courses that are designed to provide you with powerful learning experiences in bite-sized packages! These eMail e-Courses focus on very specific subjects so you get the maximum amount of support delivered with laser-like precision. Each week you receive a lesson by e-mail, which includes practical advice to help you develop new skills, and an Awareness Exercise to support your practice of what you’re learning. Every eMail e-Course is supported by its own Learning Community Forum online, where you can experience the connection, support and inspiration so beneficial for your success.

Pathway to Personal Freedom eMail eCourse

The Pathway to Personal Freedom course shows you what it takes to Reduce Stress and start Living the Life You Choose.

Once a week you’ll receive new insights, examples, and practical exercises that will bring this new information to life.

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The Shocking Truth About Loving eMail eCourse

Do you want to be more satisfied in your personal relationships? Are you ready for more caring, understanding, and love in your life?

Once a week you’ll discover new insights and awareness that will lead you to all the love you desire!

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