Who We Are

We are Beth Banning and Neill Gibson, the founders of Focused Attention. We have spent most of our adult lives studying, testing, and practicing personal development and relationship-enhancing techniques.

Collectively, we share over 50 years of experience investigating the work of many spiritual leaders and experts in the human potential movement.

Our Vision

We envision a global culture that embraces the values of abundance, prosperity, and inter-reliance–one that promotes “the evolution of everyone.”

A world that has shed the illusion of scarcity and the desire for domination, which has for so long perpetuated our outmoded culture steeped in the mentality of “the survival of the fittest.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to this shift by offering concrete, practical skills that help people exchange ideas and resources in harmony with their most deeply held values, and by living the principles and practices we offer through our work.


Our Work

Since we formed Focused Attention we’ve offered seminars and materials that provide people with skills and understanding that allow them to make remarkable improvements in the quality of their relationships and their lives. In addition to learning new skills for communicating more effectively, participants emerge with a whole new way of relating to themselves and to their world that helps them experience greater success in the most meaningful areas of their lives.

Our workshops and online learning opportunities have helped people create happier marriages, co-parenting relationships have miraculously changed, and people actually want to go to work because they enjoy their work environment for the first time. These results have become consistent and predictable. 80% of our graduates report that their relationships with their families, their friends, and their colleagues have improved remarkably, and in ways that endure. We are awed, inspired, and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to these results through Focused Attention.

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