The Art of Conscious Connection 101 eCourse

Stop Playing the Game of Life Using the Same Old Ineffective Rules

Discover your Personal Life Priority Code and
Learn to Master Your Values Intelligence

Values Intelligence is your ability to deeply understand and accurately express what is most important to you, no matter how challenging your circumstances. It keeps you from getting stuck in your old, habitual ways of reacting, and instead, moment by moment, keeps your attention focused on what you can do right now to act in integrity with that constellation of deeply held values that is your Personal Life Priority Code. Simply put, it is knowing how to create your life, your actions, and your relationships in harmony with your deepest values.

Did you learn any rules like these growing up?

  • Do as you’re told, without question
  • Respect other people’s opinions more than your own
  • Pretend to be what others want and hide who you truly are
  • Don’t ask for help because it’s a sign of weakness
  • Lie when necessary to stay out of trouble

If the old rules don’t seem to be working for you anymore, you’ve come to the right place . . .

At Last – New Rules for The Game of Life

Imagine if everybody learned to play by rules like these…

  • Understand what’s most important and make sure everyone is considered
  • You know what’s best for you — Trust your instincts
  • Only do things because you want to, never from guilt or obligation
  • Rely on each other to create the most successful results
  • Create safety and effectiveness by speaking your truth responsibly

If you want to feel more relaxed, get more of what you want out of life, be more genuine with people, and just enjoy your life a whole lot more, then it’s time to discover a new set of rules – one’s that are a lot more fun and much more satisfying.

All this and more is possible for you….

This information could quite possibly change your life. Please read every word. It’s really that important.

Beth and Neill

From: Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
San Diego, California

We’d like tell you a bit about ourselves, we’re Beth and Neill.

We met in ’97 and quickly discovered we had the same vision of the world we want to live in…

  • Where everyone understands the power and beauty of our connection to one and other.
  • Where we joyfully support each other to meet our needs.
  • and even more than that — Where we help each other to flourish.

But growing up, we had experienced just the opposite?

Neill: “I stood horrified as I watched my step-father push my terrified brother into a pool, as he said” — “This is the only way he’ll learn to swim, it’ll toughen him up.”

Beth: “I watched helplessly as my younger brother was thrown down a flight of stairs in Jr. High by angry students protesting racial discrimination.”

With experience after discouraging experience…

It became apparent that something was deeply and fundamentally distorted with the way people treated each other.

How did it become normal to push a terrified child into a pool?…

Why is it okay to knock someone down a flight of stairs?…

What would be possible if we uncovered our true compassionate
nature — the one we all share?

The answers to these questions have changed our lives, given us confidence in our vision, andfueled our desire to joyfully support you in meeting your needs, and beyond that — to flourish.

To do this, we created…

The Art of Conscious Connection eCourse Series

“The course I took with Beth and Neill, was one of the most profound yet highly practical courses I have ever taken. It has changed my life in incredible ways. It allowed for wonderful possibilities in my marriage and in my relationships with my friends and co-workers. I am inspired and feel I have the means to continue to use this information in all aspects of
my life!”

~Sue Branch

Life gets better as our relationships improve.
(And we don’t just mean the romantic ones.)

Here’s why…

Think about it. Isn’t your life made up of one relationship after another?

Parents, relatives, teachers, friends, children, partners in love and business, the mail carrier, salespeople at your local stores… How about those customer service people you speak to on the phone and what about your neighbors? Whew! The list could go on and on. And what about that important relationship you can’t get away from no matter of where you go.

Yes that’s right … the relationship you have with You.

All of these people, from your closest friends to randomly encountered strangers, play a vital role in how you define yourself and the world around you. No one exists in a vacuum, and –like it or not–our relationships with others are the core of our life experience.

Now if I asked, “How are your relationships”?

You might say,

  • some are okay,
  • some can be very difficult,
  • and others are great!

But if you’re like most of us, even in the best relationships miscommunications and misunderstandings are bound to happen all the time.

And like most of us, you probably understand the frustration and confusion that goes along with trying so hard to be understood—Only to end up with (at best) a fractured relationship or (even worse), the loss of a friend or ally. You get used to never knowing where it all went wrong…

How do most relationships start to break down?

Imagine this scene…

Struggling to pay for the house, two cars and last years vacation, Dave was putting in extra hours at work.

For Dave and Dana, quality time just wasn’t a priority right now. On top of her routine errands and helping out while her mom was ill, Dana was also pulling some overtime to help with the bills. In other words, there were other priorities, ones that couldn’t be avoided.

One morning Dana said, “I’ll see you when you get home Dave.” Hearing this, Dave perked up at the thought of spending some time with his wife.

In most cases the break down starts because no one notices or knows what causes of the upset in the first place.

After a bad day, Dave was relieved to head home and was looking forward to the being with Dana. He drove home thinking about how good it would be to finally spend some quality time together.

Unfortunately, as soon as he walked in the door, Dana advised him that she was tired and wanted to get some sleep. “But you said we’d spend some time together when I got home,” complained Dave.

With some confusion, Dana replied, “I never said that! I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed.” and walked off leaving David alone.

Failure to communicate honestly and effectively, caused a miscommunication.

Although he was disappointed, and a little annoyed, Dave didn’t say anything to Dana about his reaction. Keeping his feelings bottled up, he moped off to bed to sulk privately.

This miscommunication leads to a disastrous misunderstanding.

The next day Dave was cold and removed at breakfast but still didn’t speak up about his feelings.

The misunderstanding fails to get resolved, which leads to more hurt feelings that get shoved under the proverbial rug once again.

As he left the house the next morning, Dana gave him a kiss and said again that she’d see Dave after work. Dave took this as an apology for the lack of caring the night before. Unfortunately, she didn’t intend it that way at all. Concerned with her own issues, she was blind to his upset feelings.

This sort of thing happened a few more times and Dave?s anger intensifies, causing resentment, isolation and disconnection.

After repressing his feelings for a couple of weeks, Dave finally exploded. The pent up confusion and frustration caused him to pick a fight with Dana over some meaningless thing.

Unaware of the resentment bubbling under the surface, Dana escalates the fight when she accuses Dave of attacking her for no good reason.

Instead of talking they ended up screaming, slamming doors, and failing yet again to resolve the root of the problem. Dana goes to bed upset and Dave ends up nursing his bruised feelings on the couch.

Now both of them are angry ? while neither really understands why. Even worse, this routine creates a snowball effect that causes the loss of trust, openness and caring, which are vital to any healthy, thriving and successful relationship.

Now Ask yourself: “Do I have what I really want in all my relationships and in my life?”

Have miscommunications and misunderstandings ever gotten in the way of your happiness?

If so… it’s not your fault!

Have you ever noticed people around you playing the blame game? “Who’s-right, who’s-wrong?” Did you ever wonder why it’s so common? It’s those old rules we’re taught. As we’re growing up our culture teaches us to focus our attention on right-wrong thinking.

It’s taken years of conditioning to get us to where we are today. We grew up hearing…

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world!”

“Look out for number one!”

“Watch your back!”

These, and many other ?pro-self, anti-others? expressions create strong habitual rules which govern our thoughts and actions.

Even in our most loving and trusting relationships, we often end up playing the good-bad, right-wrong game.

One of the central skills we learn in this culture is how to prove we are right and defend ourselves from being proven wrong. This conditioning is deeply ingrained and won’t shift overnight. It certainly won’t shift just by “wanting” it to change.

It takes a gradual gaining of new insights and the learning of specific skills to open the door to new possibilities.

If “How-To’s” were all it took, your success would be guaranteed.

If you’re like many of us who want healthy, thriving, and successful relationships in our lives, you may have invested in how-to books, self-help seminars or therapy in one form or another only to find that nothing changes, and that your problems persist.

We believe this happens because our cultural conditioning is ingrained in most of what people teach in the programs out there.

It’s time to play by new rules!

Imagine if you could walk into any situation, no matter how tense or stressful, and be veryclear and confident about how you are and what’s important to you. What if you were able toexpress yourself honestly, be understood fully and initiate outcomes that satisfy everyone involved?

What would this ability make possible for you and your life?

  • Would you have more peace of mind?
  • Could you be yourself?
  • Would you be much less stressed out?
  • Could you resolve issues more quickly?
  • Would you have more fun?
  • Would you experience all this and much more?

Here’s what The Art of Conscious Connection can also do for you. . .

“The effects of these courses have permeated every facet of my life, gently leading me to re-examine and modify many of my habitual ways of perceiving and responding to the words and behaviors of other people.

Most satisfying, I have truly integrated the tools to incorporate these shifts; I find that the small adjustments I am making are arising from my heart and my intuition rather than from my having to think them through intellectually and then struggle to apply them.”

~Glenda McGee

You might ask:
“Can I create this kind of success?”

You cannot fail this eCourse, we guarantee you can only succeed! Why? Because just by participating in the course — reading the lessons and doing the exercises you’ll start the process of designing your own rules to live by that will creating a life you love.

You’ll have the opportunity to focus on the specific results you want.

  • Being more authentic

  • Getting rid of negative self talk

  • Discovering your purpose and direction

  • Having more satisfying relationships with your mother, significant other or boss

  • Getting very, very clear about what’s most important to you and how to create it in your life

  • Feeling more relaxed and peaceful

  • Or just having more fun.

You get to choose, and this course will help you to get it.

If you need assistance deciding what to focus on we’re happy to help you with that! There’s no pressure. This eCourse is for you and will support you exactly where you are right now.

If you are motivated to learn, grow, and take your life and relationships to the next level, then we guarantee that by applying the principles and practicing the tools you’ll learn in this eCourse, all of this and more is possible for you.

Are you thinking:
“I just don’t have enough time to do this course.”

Remember the story we told before about Dana and Dave?

How much time do you spend worrying about what happened with your mother, spouse, friend or even a clerk at the grocery store — all those interactions that didn’t go very well?

How much time do you spend having the same conversation over and over again while nothing gets resolved?

How much time do you spend trying to decide what to do or how to do it?only to be left in confusion with no decisive direction to take?

Then you might want to ask yourself this question:
“Do I have the time not to take this course?”

Our graduates say what they discovered actually saves them time in the long run AND was worth 10 times their investment.

“I woke up a new person this morning! It clicked! I’ve been making my important life decisions based on old limited beliefs.

Now, when I imagine facing the world, I feel calm and unafraid. I no longer believe that I have to spend time defending my old, beliefs. I can no longer imagine one reason where I would be willing to compromise my deepest values. The possibilities seem limitless.

With love and profound gratitude.”

Suzanne Finder

We’ve designed this eCourse with active lives in mind.

You’ll never be overwhelmed or fall behind because you get to choose how fast or how slow you go. We’ve broken this course down into an easy to understand step by step format.

If you want to spend more time on a particular piece of the course, you can! There’s no pressure, you get to choose and we’re here to support you.

The next question you might ask is:
“If I invested my time and money, how can I know I’ll get results?”

The secret to ongoing success is experiential learning. Cracking the code of old patterns and integrating new skills only becomes possible through the experiential understanding of a new distinction. Only then can we effectively apply these new skills in our lives.

Discover The Power of Experiential Learning.

Early in our seminars, people learn the distinction between “What Happens” and the patternsour brain has been trained to recognize. What do we mean?

Just relax and read these two paragraphs:

Wv’ee herad it siad taht you olny trluy konw how to do smethoing wehn yuo’re albe to prcatcie it in yuor lfie. We otefn haer polepe say, “I konw taht” – wehn waht tehy maen is: I’ve raed auobt taht, I’ve hraed soomene tlak auobt taht, I’ve seen soomene esle do taht, I’ve tkean a calss wehre taht was tuahgt, etc.

Smoetmies polepe say tehy “aelardy konw” the pinrciepls or prcatcies we oeffr. But we fnid tehy’re ralley not albe to prcatcie tehm. Tehy’re not albe to exeprss hnostely how tehy are in tnese siutaitons, or iednftiy waht tehy wnat, ratehr tahn tehir copmliatns. Or any nmuebr of otehr silkls our gardutaes prcatcie on a rgeualr bsias.

According to a research study at Columbia University, you are able to read the last two paragraphs because your brain has been trained to recognize the meaning of these groupings of letters.The only important thing is that the first and last letters are in their correct place.

Now go back and reread these two mixed up paragraphs phonetically, read what is actually there. And try to read it without assigning any meaning to any word that is not spelled correctly. Try it now.

How was it? Did you notice that it’s almost impossible not to assign the meanings you are familiar with? This happens because when your brain cannot find an alternative meaning italways attempts to assign a meaning.

The point here is that your brain has also been trained to recognize certain patterns in life situations and to assign meaning to those life situations according to that training. You can only choose from the meanings you’ve learned so far. Those meanings are always limited to your individual cultural conditioning and past experiences.

The only way your brain can assign a different meaning to the same situation is to have a new experience that redefines what that situation might mean.

When you learn experientially you overwrite the pattern created by an Old Experience with apattern created by the New Experience, like a computer overwriting old data with new data.

Just knowing that new results are possible and wanting them badly is never enough to make a difference!

Experiential learning
promotes emotional and cognitive skill development. It provides a context for self-directed learning where the learner connects, constructs, and reinforces knowledge through direct experience and application.

In other words, by actively participating in new experiences, we are able to literally expand our capacity for knowledge.

Experiential learning is central in achieving a lasting impact on your ability to practice and apply newly learned skills and understandings. Something that intellectual learning cannot provide.

“I am able to clearly see the results of the goals I set for myself. Furthermore, I can now envision an ease and fulfillment in my life that I hadn’t imagined.”

~Mara Black

“I thank you for helping me to understand others and myself more deeply and clearly, and helping me to communicate more lovingly and openly.

My relationships and communication with others and myself are more clear, honest and powerful. Eternal thanks from my heart to yours.”

~Steve Viglione

“I want you to know that of all the self-development things I have done, Focused Attention has been the most profound! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! So much confusion and pain is being sorted out and healed.”

~Kresten Quick

Why would you take our advice?

At this point you might be asking:
“Why should I listen to you?”

Combined, we have over 50 years of experience exploring, researching, and practicing personal growth and relationship-building techniques — We know what works and what doesn’t.

For the past 10 years we’ve been dedicated to helping people just like you create the kind of relationships with themselves and others that support lasting success and joy in their lives.

We don’t just focus on helping others create incredibly successful relationships; we’ve experienced these same benefits in our own relationships as well. We know what we’re talking about from first-hand experience.

We had relationships that were like most other people’s. We struggled to get our needs met, to be understood and to have connection and intimacy. We wanted these kinds of relationships so badly, but had no idea what path would lead us to our goals.

Like you, and many others, at our low points we felt frustrated, cynical and somewhat resigned to life as we knew it. Now, we are able to apply what we’ve learned to our lives, and experience the kinds of relationships with ourselves and others that we had wanted for many years. We feel more alive and passionate than ever before. Fortunately, we’re not alone.

We don’t have some unique quality that gives us a special pass to the Land O’Great Relationships! Relationships that are fun and satisfying are available for you too. We have no doubt of that.

Our courses have helped people create:

Happy and supportive marriages that evolve into harmonious families.

Co-parenting relationships that have miraculously changed for the better.

Successful and happy employees?people who actually want to go to work because they have learned to enjoy their work environment for the first time.

At times the gratitude we receive from participants leaves us speechless and amazed, but it?s not bragging to say that our results have become consistent and predictable.

We offer seminars, coaching, and writing that provide the skills and understanding that allow people to make remarkable improvements in the quality of their relationships and their lives.

In addition to learning new techniques for communicating more effectively, they exit the program with a whole new way of living and relating to their world. Over 80% of our graduates tell us that their relationships with their families, their friends, and their colleagues have improved remarkably, and in ways that last for years.

“This work has changed my life. I have always aspired to have more compassion, but I’ve never had a plan for developing that. These understandings have built steps for me to raise myself up, and make real improvement in my relationships with people. I will never experience someone’s angry outburst in the same way. Focused Attention — the thinking person’s guide to compassion.”

~ Laura Thomas


Would you like these kinds of results?

Then this course is for you.

What could you achieve if you knew…

  • Why you may be settling for less than you want
  • How applying some simple techniques can lead you to true happiness
  • What’s most important to you at the core level and how to bring this passion to life in all your relationships
  • How to turn unwanted, habitual patterns into your strategies for success
  • New ways to communicate with people that bring about extremely rewarding outcomes
  • How to resolve issues while restoring the closeness and connection that’s been missing
  • Ways to identify both internal and external obstacles and how to design specific strategies to overcome them
  • What stops you from getting what you want and effective methods to achieve the future that
    you choose

“The course I took with Beth and Neill has helped me deepen the connection I have with my spouse. We now communicate with more empathy, respect, kindness and love.”

~ Kevin Monahan

“I wanted to learn a technique to communicate more effectively. What I learned is that it is not a technique to use but a tool for new ways of being. These possibilities of new ways of being have changed the way I see myself and the world.”

~ Becki Pleus

“If you really want to get in touch with yourself, so you can communicate better with family and friends and coworkers?this is for you! It touches your mind your heart and your soul. Tools to create the life you want now!”

~ Peter Kofoed

Finally, an online course that EVERYONE can afford!

We are committed to making it possible for everyone to have access to this information. ANDwe also know that for some people, and in some places around the world, that the cost of this eCourse is still a lot of money. So, if you really want this information and the cost represents a true financial hardship for you…

Don’t worry, we promise we’ll come up with something and make it work for you too.

Just use this link to contact us and let us know your situation.

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Don’t wait! You too can be happier, more confident, and more satisfied – NOW.

Sign up today and start learning concrete tools and techniques for getting what you really want – at no one else’s expense!

If You Can Point And Click Your Mouse, You Can Begin The Art of Conscious Connection Today…

Unlike some other on-line courses, we’ve created this one to take you step by step though each level of understanding in bite-sized amounts.

Each lesson has experiential exercises and journaling to help you anchor the information and build upon it. Don’t skip a thing.

All you need to do is click your way through the course, complete the easy-to-understand exercises, and apply these simple concepts to your life. Like so many who have already taken our courses, you too will see miracles happen.

To insure your success this program includes …

  • Access to 18 value packed lessons, in either online or downloadable PDF format.
  • Experiential exercises to ensure that you can put what you’re learning
    into practice.
  • Constructive worksheets that parallel every lesson, which will empower and guide you tosuccessfully create the result that you want, when you
  • Special members-only access to additional support materials and information.
  • A subscription to our helpful and inspiring Weekly Action Tips eMail Series.

We know we?re already offering a lot, but it gets even better. . .

Since you have the foresight to understand the amazing opportunity presented by The Art of Conscious Connection 101 eCourse, you will also receive the following bonus gifts that will assist you in your quest for personal satisfaction:


6 Months of Unlimited Personal Email Support

For an entire six months you can get answers to your specific eCourse questions andreceive individual coaching from us or one of our seminar leaders.

This bonus alone is worth over $600 if purchased separately. It will not last long, so take advantage of this valuable asset while you can.


The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

This compelling eBook offers insight into the power of thought, the amazing energy which mankind has at its disposal. We offer it with the hope that it will be both inspirational and useful. It is considered by many to be as relevant today as when it was first published in early 1900s.


As an Art of Conscious Connection eCourse participant you’ll also receive exclusive discounts, bonuses, and special offers on selected future products, programs, and workshops from Focused Attention.

So, all that’s left for you to do is say “Yes!”

“Yes Beth and Neill, I want to experience more fun and satisfaction in my life and in all my personal and professional relationships.”

I understand that with my Art of Conscious Connection 101 eCourse I’ll receive. . .

  • A user name and password for all 18 lessons (accessible in either online or downloadable PDF format) which I can complete at my own speed. I have the opportunity choose how gradually or quickly I integrate this information.
  • All 18 worksheets empowering me to create what I want, whenever I want.
  • At least one experiential exercises for each lesson to help me make practical use of the understandings and skills I’m learning.
  • Members-only access to additional support materials and information that will enhance my success.

In addition, I’ll receive:

  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.
  • Exclusive discounts and bonuses on selected future products, programs, and workshops.
  • A subscription to our helpful and inspiring Weekly Action Tips eMail Series.

And to top it all off, as a very special bonus offered for a Limited Time I will also receive

  • 6 Months of Personal Email Coaching Support so I can get specific answers to my most important questions.

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Beth and Neill
Focused Attention, Inc.

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