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Dear Friends,

We love creating materials that speak straight to the heart of your concerns. We hope you'll find great value in these offerings.

Here you'll find print articles about:
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You'll also find:
   • Audio Articles    • Videos    • Meditation Tools

Check back often, we'll be adding new content regularly.

Wishing you Joy and Success,
Beth and Neill


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Audio Articles from Focused Attention

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These articles address the specific concerns we hear most frequently from our community. In them you'll find the understandings, skills, and practices essential to creating what you want most in your life. Look at the drop-down list and pick the ones that are most interesting to you.

Business Success Articles:

Family Support Articles:

Personal Growth & Development Articles:

Relationship Support Articles:

Life Success Articles:

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Audio Articles
Audio Articles from Focused Attention

If you would rather listen to our articles, we're turning them into files you can easily listen to online. Look at the drop-down list and listen to the ones that would be most supportive for you.

Videos from Focused Attention

These videos offer insights, tips, and now-to advice designed to help you create a happier and more fulfilling life. Look at the drop-down list and watch the ones that interest you most.

Meditation Tools
Meditation Tools from Focused Attention

Here you'll find audio and video meditations created to help you keep your life centered and focused. Any time you would like some support you can choose a meditation from the drop-down list.


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